Entry #5 (Revisiting: Fixing the Gauntlet)

Today I tried to finally continue progress on my Iron Man Gauntlet. The first thing to do before adding any new features is to fix what I have right now. After using my gauntlet for a bit, there was some electrical short that resulted in my gauntlet to stop working. There was a puff of smoke and everything stopped functioning at all. It was then when I decided to give up on my project for the moment, therefore I need to first fix this before continuing on the other functions.
Since the smoke came out of the Arduino Pro Mini, I thought that by swapping the micro-controller out, I would be able to fix the problem. Thankfully, when I first added my micro-controller in the beginning, I used female and male headers in order to swap it out in case of a problem. I simply unsoldered all of the wiring that I did on the top headers (lighting, servos, power) and just removed the Arduino. I found a spare Arduino Pro Mini in my supplies and added headers to it. I then attached it back onto my gauntlet and rewired all of the connections needed. I ended up relearning all of the wiring and got a better understanding of how the power supply was setup when I first made it.
I took my FTDI adapter and hooked it up to my Arduino to add the code. I simply reused what I had programmed previously because it should theoretically work. However, after I added the code, the gauntlet would still not work. I spent another hour or two double/triple checking all of my wiring, referring back to my previous wiring diagrams. Even though everything should be working fine, the gauntlet would still not work. I even did some troubleshooting with the Arduino and nothing would function like it should. I tried to create a simple program where the gauntlet would just remain in the open position and that still wouldn’t work. I know that the Arduino isn’t completely broken since it can still digitalread all of the pushbutton inputs. However, there is still an inherent issue with the servo control and the lighting control.